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Our team consists of Executive Directors, Program Managers, Office & Administrative Assistants and other healthcare practitioners. apply today


We are opening our doors to new members of our team. Great opportunities await the most determined applicant. Whether you are a registered nurse, a caregiver, or a family seeking an individual, we would like to know and meet you in person. Please fill out the form below to submit an initial contact application. You will be contacted if you meet the qualifications for an interview! 

1 CNA or Direct Care Staff (PRN) for the Milledgeville, GA Area

1 CNA or Direct Care Staff (Live-In) for the Macon, GA Area 

1 CNA or Direct Care Staff (Part-time) for the Rome, GA Area (Hours 8am-8pm) (24hrs a week)


Business Practices: PCA (DCS) and CNA: Job Descriptions

The personal care assistant (PCA) or direct care staff (DCS) or certified nursing assistant (CNA) will provide personal care services as needed, and as indicated in the individual’s plan of care. Personal care services are provided under the supervision of an R.N.

Job Duties include, but are not limited to the following:

1.)   Bathing

2.)   Personal Hygiene

3.)   Grooming

4.)   Dressing

5.)   Toilette

6.)   Ambulation and Repositioning

7.)   Preparing Meals

8.)   Performing housekeeping task (cleaning)

9.)   Scheduling appointments and accompanying individual

10.) Washing, Drying and Ironing Clothes

11.) Documenting on the Individual (Reporting progress and problems)

12.) Grocery Shopping

13.) Paying the Individual Bills

14.) Corresponding and communicating with individuals support team

15.) Assisting the individual in filling out forms

16.) Following tasks and goals implemented in the ISP


Minimum Qualifications:

A high school diploma and a maximum knowledge of First Aid Care and CPR training are required. Applicants must 2 years of experience in a health service related field. All PCA’s (DCS) must pass a PCA competency test with an 80 or above that will be administered by an RN. CNA’s are not required to take this test.