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Our team consists of Executive Directors, Program Managers, Office & Administrative Assistants and other healthcare practitioners. apply today

Our Services

We have produced several solutions to the multiple needs of individuals. Your demands and conditions shape our services. Below are the services we offer to you. If you need clarification on the definition of our services, please send us a message.

List of Services

1.)   Personal Care Services and Companion-Sitter Services: These services include but are not limited to assistance with all daily living skills such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, meal preparation, laundry services, recreational activities, and housekeeping.


2.)   Community Living Support Services (CLS): CLS services are personal support services provided in the comfort and privacy of an individual’s home. 


3.)   Community Residential Alternatives Services (CRA): CRA services are personal support services provided in the comfort and privacy of a licensed host provider’s home or group home. A host home setting is designed to allow an individual to be a part of a natural family. 


4.)   Community Access Services (CAI & CAG): There are two types of Community Access Services:

  1. Community Access Individual: Personal support staff takes individual(s) out into the community
  2. Community Access Group: Individual(s) participate as a group in community settings (day programs)     


5.)   Prevocational Services & Supportive Employment Offering individuals jobs within our organization and helping them to find jobs and careers in the community.


6.)   Specialized Medical Supplies (SMS): Ordering specialized medical supplies like gloves, diapers, pads, and etc.


7.)   Nursing Services (CLS & CRA): Our Nursing Services are include but are not limited to: Initial assessment, In-home visits, On call 24 hours, Supervision of all personal support staff, Supervision of all medication monitoring and assistance, Wound treatment, Diabetic monitoring and education, Monitor skin integrity and assessment, Ostomy care, Vital signs, Tube feeding, Catheterization, and Injections.


8.)   Child-Placing Services (coming soon): Placing children with intellectual disabilities from age birth to 21 in foster care families.


Our Approach

Over the years, we have honored our team approach that involves the participation of our staff, the individuals we serve, the family members, our nurse and physicians. Such approach enables all individuals to have a person centered plan that enhances their lives and provide a loving and caring environment. Support staff always encourages positive interaction and intervention in either home or community environment while enhancing capabilities that are suited for individuals.